Our school consists of two organisational units:
Grammar and Secondary School that is situated at Kosovelova ulica 4, Celje and
Vocational College that is situated at Mariborska cesta 2, Celje, Slovenia.

The school offers the following programmes:

  • a four-year educational programme grammar school of economics from which you graduate with general matura,
  • four-year educational programmes economic technician and security technician from which you graduate with vocational matura,
  • three-year educational programmes shop assistant and administrator from which you graduate with final exam,
  • a matura course – enables taking the general matura exam,
  • a vocational course – enables taking the vocational matura exam.

Graduates of both three-year programmes can continue their education in vocational-technical programme economic technician. This education takes two years to complete.

Graduates of four-year programmes that passed general matura can enrol in all studies. Graduates of four-year programmes that passed vocational matura can enrol in all vocational colleges and institutions of higher education as well as certain university programmes.

In order to enable our students to continue their education within our institution, we established Vocational College in 2001. It is situated at Mariborska cesta 2, Celje and offers the following programmes:

  • economist (full and part-time study),
  • social network coordinator (part-time study)
  • security engineer (part-time study).

Within a respective programme we carry out various modules that offer students specialized and useful knowledge. It enables the graduates to do their job independently and efficiently.

Presentation of educational programmes of Grammar and Secondary School

  • Grammar school of economics

It takes four years to graduate with general matura.

The programme prepares students for continuing their education at university or institutions of higher education. It encourages creativity and develops knowledge, skills, competences and other personal qualities that are essential for achieving success on professional and personal level.

This education provides students with general knowledge and basic knowledge of economics, it develops their analytical thinking, organisational and managerial skills, team spirit as well as entrepreneurial qualities.

  • Security technician – secondary technical education

It takes four years to graduate with vocational matura.

A wide range of knowledge and qualification in the field of engineering, information science, communication and organisation as well as specific expertise in the field of technical and physical security that security technician obtains during education and in work placement enable them to find employment in private security services and other businesses in the field of security and protection such as protection agencies, companies, public institutions, banks, army, firefighters.

The programme is suitable for boys and girls who are interested in technology, enjoy working with people and want to develop organisational and communication skills as well as modern communication technology expertise.

  • Economic technician – secondary technical education

It takes four years to graduate with vocational matura.

Economic technicians work in the field of accounting, financial department in banking, insurance and postal services. They are salesmen, forwarding agents and customs officers.

In this programme students acquire practical and theoretical knowledge for the work in production and service companies, public institutions and public administration. They shall develop the skills for business performance, public relations, they learn to analyse business situations, they develop entrepreneurial thinking, skills for individual work and responsibility for group work.

  • Shop assistant – secondary vocational education

It takes three years to graduate with final exam.

Shop assistants are employed in different retail companies or firms of different brand products: grocery, textile, chemistry, cosmetics, vehicles, electronics, computer hardware and software stationery.

The students will acquire the knowledge in business economics, window dressing, aesthetic design of the sales area, product knowledge and customer support, sales psychology, trade regulations, entrepreneurial thinking, communicative skills or general skills for their career.

  • Administrator – secondary vocational education

It takes three years to graduate with final exam.

Administrators are usually employed in small or medium-sized companies to perform different assignments linked to the management of companies. They are qualified for work in the field of entrepreneurship in a modern market economy.

Within the programme the students will develop an effective communication with business partners in the Slovene language and two foreign languages, they shall acquire the abilities to adjust to the changes in companies and to work with modern information technology. They learn to perform different work tasks of an office clerk or a secretary.

  • Economic technician – vocational technical education

It takes two years to graduate with vocational matura.

Economic technicians perform their work in the personnel department, accounts or finance, banking, insurance and postal services. They are qualified for the work of a salesperson and the assignment in the commercial department, forwarding and customs. They work in production and service companies, institutions and public administration.

The students acquire the knowledge that enables them to perform their work individually, they get to know the methods of following the company’s trends and find out the efficiency of the company management. They learn the bases of marketing, collecting and using market information. They learn to prepare meetings, keep the minutes and form conclusions. They will get the basic knowledge about the distribution of products and market communication.

  • Matura course

The course lasts one year and prepares students for general matura.

The course is available to:

  • secondary vocational graduates,
  • secondary technical and vocational technical graduates respectively,
  • third year grammar school students if they terminated their education for at least one year
  • fourth year Waldorf grammar school students,
  • any primary school graduates who passed exams on the level of 3rd year grammar school
  • Vocational course for a career of economic technician

It takes one year to graduate with vocational matura.

The course is available to:

  • fourth year grammar school students,
  • final year students of any secondary vocational education.

Presentation of Vocational College study programmes

School of Economics Celje, Vocational College implements three study programmes. The course lasts two years, graduates obtain educational level 6/1.

Programme – ECONOMIST with two modules is performed as full-study or part-time study.

  • Technical salesman

The graduate acquires competence for performing various management functions in commercial area (sales or purchasing field) as well as in marketing.

  • Accountant

The graduate obtains all necessary knowledge for independent accounting management in smaller enterprises, private entrepreneurs and public institutes. The graduate has a lot of employment opportunities.

Professional title gained is economist. A diploma supplement proves professional knowledge in the field of commerce or accounting.

Programme SOCIAL NETWORKS ORGANIZER is implemented as part-time study.

Graduates are qualified to organize and coordinate activities of social relief programmes aimed at integration of individuals and groups into a social network. This programme is oriented into practice and it offers good employment opportunities in different institutions such as: social-work centres, non-governmental organizations and associations, old people`s homes, organizations and centres for offering people help at home, youth hostels, safe houses, crisis centres, maternity homes.

Professional title gained is social networks organizer.

Programme SECURITY is implemented as full-time study.

Graduates are qualified for:

  • planning, organizing and implementing of: protection of people – bodyguards, protection of people and property, transport and security of cash and other insured items, protection of public meetings,
  • managing safety oversight centres,
  • planning security system and
  • implementation  of technical protection systems.

Professional title gained is security engineer.